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Our Blacklining programs add Blacklining capability to both QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign. Blacklining is the name for making marks within text that highlights or shows the changes that have been made. If a run of text or word or letter is deleted it will be marked as "Struck-Through" that is a line through the centre of it in a bold form or colour that shows it as being struck out. New text that is inserted will be marked as underlined again in bold or coloured so that it is apparent to the reader that it is a new insert.
It must be obvious though that to retain all the deleted text in a document could mean that it becomes greatly increased in pagination to encompass all the deletes; to enable the pagination to remain correct, it is possible to change views so that struck-through text is hidden but its presence marked only by a small mark or caret to show that a deletion has occurred.
Multiple revisions are available so that changes can be made, approved and then new changes made at subsequent revisions. This means it is possible to view a complete audit history of the changes made to a document as it has passed through the editing process.
You can download and test our Blacklining programs for both XPress and InDesign for Mac or Windows here...

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